How to use Rules and Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds

Aug 26, 2022
How to use Rules and Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds

How to use Rules and Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds

How to use Rules in QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds

You can further automate data entry via bank feeds using rules, reducing the time to code and record transactions.  To create a rule:

  1. In the Banking Center, click the Rules tab.
  2. Click the green New rule button.
  3. Give your rule a name. Choose whether the rule applies to Money in or Money out.
  4. Choose whether the rule applies to all bank (and credit card) accounts or only specific ones.
  5. Set the criteria for the rule. Add multiple criteria. Use all or any to refine or expand your selections.
  6. Set the type of transaction to create with the rule. Add the details of the transactions, such as Payee and Category. Add more lines to the transaction by clicking Add a split. Click Save. Code class and location here if enabled in a Plus or Advanced subscription company.
  7. Click the Auto-add toggle if you want to add this transaction to the Reviewed tab and the company’s books without reviewing it first in the For Review tab.

QuickBooks uses the criteria entered in your rules to pre-fill your bank feed transactions with the required information.

All your previously created rules are in the Rules list. Edit, copy and modify rules to create new rules. Delete rules by clicking the buttons under the Actions column. Export rules and import them into another QuickBooks Online company.

Rules can also be added directly from the bank feed when re-categorizing a transaction.

How to Use Batch Actions in the QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds

The Batch Actions feature is a real time-saver. You already know you can use it to remove duplicate transactions from your workflow. Did you know you can also code and add multiple transactions at the same time? To do this:

  1. Select the transactions you want to code.
  2. Click the Batch actions drop-down arrow, Modify Selected.
  3. Enter the Payee and Category. Click Apply. All the selected transactions are coded to the payee and category.
  4. Click Batch Actions again, Accept Selected.

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