How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online Bank Feed Transactions

Jul 29, 2022
How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online Bank Feed Transactions

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online Bank Feed Transactions

Sometimes during your workflow, a transaction has already been matched to the wrong transaction in the register. This happens for several reasons. The register transactions are of the same amount and/or fall within the same date range. To fix this type of error:

  1. Click the Reviewed tab.
  2. Find the incorrectly matched transaction.
  3. Click Undo under the Action column on the far right.

This returns the bank feed transaction to the For Review tab. Now match it to the correct transaction.

Another issue encountered occurs when a bank feed transaction is imported and the matching transaction has already been reconciled using the Reconcile tool in QuickBooks. In this case, the transaction can’t be matched. Just exclude the transaction or it will remain in the workflow indefinitely. To exclude the transaction:

  1. Check the box next to the transaction in the For Review list.
  2. Click Batch actions, Exclude Selected.

This moves the transaction to the Excluded tab. It remains there until permanently deleted from your workflow. If you exclude a transaction by mistake, just click the Excluded tab, and select Undo under the Action column.  This moves the transaction back to the For Review list. Now match it properly or add it to the register.

A red error message in the Banking Center indicates QuickBooks was unable to connect to the online banking account. If this occurs, it usually means your online banking credentials have been changed. Update them in QuickBooks Online. To update the online banking credentials:

  1. Click the pencil icon at the top right of the blue account box.
  2. Click Edit sign-in info.
  3. Enter your updated online banking login credentials.
  4. Click Update sign-in info.

What happens if you accidentally import a bank feed twice and create duplicate entries?

  • Duplicates in New Transaction List – If the duplicates are in the For Review tab, fix this by selecting the duplicate transactions (i.e., place a checkmark next to them), then clicking Batch actions, Exclude Selected
  • Duplicates already added to the Register – If the duplicate transactions are already added to the register, click the Reviewed tab, select the duplicate transactions, Batch Actions, Undo. Once the duplicates have been moved to the For Review tab, select them again. Click Batch actions to exclude them.

If you can’t find a matching transaction you know is recorded in the register — perhaps because a vendor held a check for more than 90 days or the date of the transaction was entered incorrectly in the register — try expanding the date range in the Match transactions screen. Simply change the date range. QuickBooks will show transactions for the dates specified. Select the matching transaction and click Save. (Alternately, if you know the matching transaction is recorded properly in the register, you can simply exclude the transaction in the For Review tab you are having trouble matching.)

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