How to Create Customers In QuickBooks Online

Feb 8, 2022
How to Create Customers In QuickBooks Online

How to Create Customers In QuickBooks Online

Click Sales on the left navigation bar, then navigate to the Customers tab to open the Customer Center.

To create a new customer, click New Customer at the top right of the screen. On the next screen, enter information about your customer including name, address and other contact information.

It is a good idea to enter as much information as you can when initially setting up a customer to utilize the full power of the QuickBooks Online database when creating reports and working with your list data. It saves time up front to skip fields, but you may regret it later when your lists aren’t complete!

There are seven tabs at the bottom left of the screen:

  • Address – Populate the customer’s billing and shipping addresses
  • Notes – Enter notes about your customer, such as product specifications or shipping account info
  • Tax info – If you must collect sales tax on certain transactions, set the default sales tax code for that customer and store an exempt customers tax resale number
  • Payment and billing – Enter preferred payment, delivery methods and payment terms. This information is used as default for this customer when creating their sales transactions.
  • Language – You can elect to send invoices to this client in one of six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (traditional), and Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Attachments – Attach documents relating to your customer like an engagement letter, a signed contract or a lease
  • Additional Info – Specify the Customer Type

Once you have completed all the fields for your customer, click Save. Your customer is added.

Vendors can be created on the fly. Create a new vendor during the process of entering a sales transaction. To do this, select Add New from the drop-down box in the Customer field of a sales transaction (such as invoices, credit memos, and estimates).

Create sub-customers by clicking the Is sub-customer box and selecting a Parent customer. Indicate whether to bill the sub-customer directly or bill it with the Parent customer.

Using sub-customers is how job costing is facilitated within QuickBooks Online.


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