How to Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

Apr 15, 2022
How to Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

How to Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

A statement is the status of a customer's account at a given point in time.

Each line item on a statement represents Invoices, credit memos, and payments for the statement time period. A statement does not offer very much detail about each individual sales transaction. The detail is on the individual invoices or credit memos. Statements can be sent out on a regular basis letting your customers know the activity on their account and if they still owe money.

You can create a Balance Forward, Open Item or Transaction Statement in QuickBooks Online.

  1. Go to the Customer Center by clicking Sales, Customer tab on the left-hand navigation.
  2. Scroll to find the customer(s) for whom you wish to create a statement. Check the box next to their name(s).
  3. Click the Batch Actions drop-down, Create statements.
  4. Choose Balance Forward, Open Item or Transaction Statement. Select the Date(s) as indicated.
  5. Use the Print or Preview button in the middle of the bottom navigation panel to make sure the statements are generated the way you want. If the statements don’t look right, try using one of the other two statement types or adjusting the date range.
  6. Click Save and send to email the statements to the customers.
  7. The next screen displays an image of the statement being sent to the customer along with the email. Edit the email language before pressing the Send button to customize it.
  8. (You can change the default email subject line and message that goes out with statements by clicking gear icon, Account and Settings, Sales, Messages, choose Statement from the drop-down and edit the Email subject line and Email message. Then click Save and Done.)

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