How to Apply Best Practices with Browsers when working with QuickBooks Online

Apr 13, 2023
How to Apply Best Practices with Browsers when working with QuickBooks Online

How to apply Best Practices with Browsers when working with QuickBooks Online

Because QuickBooks Online is web-based, you must use a browser to access it (Chrome is recommended). Here are some best practices and tips to make your experience with QuickBooks Online amazing:

Create a QuickBooks Online “person” – Chrome allows you to create multiple users that can be customized with different bookmarks and preferences. To create a new person in Chrome, click profile (it may be someone’s picture) in the top right, next to the three vertical dots that indicate more options, small gear icon (Manage people). Click Add Person. Choose an icon and give the new user a name (maybe something like QBO-user). Opt to create a desktop shortcut for this new person to use exclusively for QuickBooks Online.

Working with two QuickBooks Online Companies at the same time – To work in two QuickBooks Online companies open at the same time, set up two new people in Chrome. Alternately, open one company in Chrome and open another company using a second browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. Or open one in Chrome and the other in your browser’s Incognito mode (even if it’s Chrome again). In all cases, two different browser accounts are open at the same time.

Customize the Bookmark bar – Customizing the bookmark bar can really enhance your experience using QuickBooks Online. Add bookmarks for the screens used most and even organize them into lists by using folders. To enable the bookmark bar in your newly created Chrome user account, click the three vertical dots, Bookmarks, Show Bookmark bar. Add bookmarks by clicking the star at the top right of the address bar. To rename a bookmark, right- click it and select Edit. You can organize your bookmarks by creating folders on your bar and grouping them by the type of screen, client workflow, or other system meaningful to you.

Duplicate – Duplicate your window by right-clicking the tab you have open then duplicate. This opens a new screen of QuickBooks Online.

Working with multiple monitors – If you use multiple display monitors, pull a tab out of the window and move it to another monitor. This keeps you logged into the same company but allows you to view two windows at the same time. Tile windows on the same monitor by restoring down, resizing your windows and arranging them.

Right-click the back arrow – This displays a list of screens recently opened. Left-click the one to open and resume working.

Clear browsing data – If you receive errors or you are getting unexpected results while working in QuickBooks Online, try clearing your cache and cookies. To do this click the three vertical dots, History, Clear browsing data.

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