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QuickBooks: A powerful online accounting solution for your business

Run your entire business with QuickBooks Online

Small business owners are always hunting for cost-effective business solutions. Which is why we help our clients utilize QuickBooks Online, our recommended online accounting solution. Using QuickBooks, you can run your entire business from the palm of your hand, including:


QuickBooks automates standard bookkeeping tasks such as entering transactions, performing calculations, and organizing data to keep your books balanced.

Sales tax

QuickBooks has a built-in sales tax calculator that calculates sales tax based on where you are, what you sell, and the address on the sales receipt or invoice.

Manage and pay bills

Track your bills and their due dates in one place so that you always pay on time and avoid late fees. Set up automatic payments so that your bills are paid for you.


Create custom, professional business reports with QuickBooks. Quickly access your balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and over 50 other reports.

Create invoices

Create invoices and get paid fast. Your customers can pay via credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and more. QuickBooks process the payment and transfer the funds to your bank account.

Bank reconciliations

QuickBooks imports your bank transactions and organizes them. When you receive your bank statement, you'll spend only minutes reconciling your accounts.

Expense tracking

Easily track business expenses all year to get every deduction at tax time. QuickBooks automatically sorts expenses into expense categories and keeps them organized for you.

Scan receipts

Use the QuickBooks app to turn your phone's camera into a receipt scanner. Snap a photo of a receipt and QuickBooks will attach it to the expense in your books.

Create estimates and quotes

Create professional estimates and quotes for a prospective customer. Once an estimate is accepted, QuickBooks will convert it to invoices and track everything for you.

Progress invoicing

Accept payments as you go with the progress invoicing feature in QuickBooks. Bill incrementally and get paid throughout the course of the job or project.

Because QuickBooks is so powerful, millions of small business owners and bookkeepers use it every single day. Unfortunately, only a fraction of them have adequate accounting experience to use it to its full potential. At a glance, QuickBooks may seem easy to master, but advanced practices like double-entry accounting is actually quite complex.

The QuickBooks expertise you need

Using QuickBooks for your business accounting is unlike almost any other software program. For many businesses it forms the backbone of their accounting system. That's why our team have spent years learning how to get the most of out the software, and how to utilize it accurately and efficiently.

We don't expect you to be a QuickBooks software expert. So, we offer professional QuickBooks training either at your office in-person, or remotely online, where we will show you and your team the most important QuickBooks methods and practices.

Our specialists have worked with a wide variety of businesses, in multiple different sectors, so you can be confident that we can help you. And since we already have a good overview of your business, we can tailor each interactive session to meet your unique needs.

Setup options at a glance

The list below summarizes what is included within each of our packages. To help you identify the best option for you here is a quick overview:

  1. Essential set up - Perfect for business owners who are on a tight budget and are happy with a comprehensive overview of the software, but with no on-going support.

    We will:

    • Analyze and select the best solution
    • Set up your business on QuickBooks Online
    • Set up your company preferences and templates
    • Set up your Chart of Accounts
    • Move your data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online
    • Maximize your tax deductions
  2. Full set up - This option is best for business owners who want to get the most out of the QuickBooks software, but need less support once the training is complete.

    We will:

    • Include everything in the Essential set up package, plus:
    • Perform a QuickBooks data and record review
    • Provide QuickBooks software educational session
    • Provide unlimited email and telephone support free for 6 months
  3. Premium set up - This is the best option for business owners who want the most comprehensive training and support for them and their team. This package also includes 12 months of unlimited access to our QuickBooks experts for ad-hoc queries, making it our most popular option.

    We will:

    • Include everything in the Full set up package, plus:
    • Provide unlimited email and telephone support free for 12 months
    • Enhanced credit control
    • Perform quarterly reconciliations
    • Create reports to put key management information at your fingertips

How You Benefit From Our QuickBooks Set Up Program

Analyze And Select The Best Solution

There are several QuickBooks Online solutions. They are all different. Some suit different types of business. Getting the wrong solution will cause you a big headache. And assessing all of the options is time-consuming. We will analyze your business and recommend the most appropriate cloud software solution that best meets your needs. This will save you time and avoid the headaches of having the wrong solution.

Setting up your business on QuickBooks Online

Setting up a business on any accounting software system is tedious and time consuming. We will do the set up for you, which will save you time to get on with running your business.

Setting up your company preferences and templates

This is where we set up your bank information and templates, so you are ready to get started, including:

  • Setting up your bank account information for payments,
  • Setting up your credit card information for billing,
  • Setting up your templates for invoices, credit memos and emails, and
  • Auto reminders for keeping you notified at all times

Setting Up Your Chart of Accounts

If this is the first time you have set up an accounting system you will need a 'chart of accounts'.

Every business is different with different types of sales, income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The 'chart of accounts' is your list of sales types, different income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities. It's unique to you. Setting this up correctly at the outset will save so much time and make it much easier to post your transactions to the right place. It will also make your accounts more meaningful and so you will be able to make much better business decisions.

Of course, you may already have a computerized accounting system with your own unique 'chart of accounts'. And if that's the case, we will convert that for you into the new system. We will convert your current year and previous year transactions (which means you do not need to wait until the year end to make the change). And we'll convert existing data such as supplier and customer details.

Move your data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Research shows that three out of four small businesses get more work done with QuickBooks Online than with QuickBooks Desktop. This is because the online platform gives you greater flexibility. The days of running a business from a desk are disappearing, and QuickBooks Online lets you stay on top of your books anywhere, anytime thanks to:

  • On-demand access
    Online access means on-the-go access. With QuickBooks Online, you can take your office with you anywhere.
  • More mobility
    iPhone, iPad, Android-no matter what device you prefer, they're never more than a click (or swipe!) away from completing your next task.
  • Perfectly in sync
    Accuracy is easier when everyone's on the same page. That's where QuickBooks Online comes in, giving you just one set of books to manage in real time.
  • Easily scalable
    Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to meet changes in demand by scaling up or down-without investing in additional resources.

So, if you are already using QuickBooks Desktop we will quickly and seamlessly move you across to the online platform without disrupting your business.

Maximize your tax deductions

As part of your set up we will take you through a list of some of the most common tax-deductible expenses and show you how to easily record them into your cloud accounting system. This means you will be able to claim every penny possible against your tax bills and have more money in your pocket. Many of these tax-deductible expenses are often overlooked which means many business owners end up paying unnecessary amounts of tax (for example, use of home as office and mileage allowances).

QuickBooks software educational session

Learning and getting to grips with new software is not easy. You can waste hours figuring out how to do something and it can get very frustrating. That's why we provide training and education as part of all our packages. We want to help you get your finances under control fast and accurately.

Our training is customizable to best meet your needs. It could be a full day training at your office, or, if you prefer, it can be delivered online in smaller, bite-size chunks. You choose.

After the training, you'll come away with a complete and comprehensive overview of the software, so you feel confident to use it immediately.

The following additional benefits are included within our full set up package

This option is best for business owners who want to get the most out of the QuickBooks software, but need less support once the training is complete. In addition to all the benefits of setting you up, listed previously, you will also get the following help with getting the best out of your system:

QuickBooks data and record review

If your team has already been using QuickBooks without training, it is possible that some transactions were not recorded properly. So, to ensure that your current accounting records are accurate, we'll run your data through a checklist of common errors and correct anything that's not quite right. Ensuring the accuracy of your financial records is crucial to running a successful business.

After reviewing your system, we can also recommend, install, and support any add-ons and upgrades that would benefit your bookkeeping.

Unlimited email and telephone support for 6 months

Even with training, there will be times when you are not sure how best to do something. As part of our full training package you get unlimited email and telephone support for 6 months. This means you can come to us for help knowing you will never be charged anything extra.

The following additional benefits are included within our premium set up package

This is the best option for business owners who want the most comprehensive training and support for themselves and their team. In addition to all the previously listed benefits you will also get the following help:

Unlimited email and telephone support for 12 months

Feel like you need more ad-hoc support after your training? As part of our premium set up package you get unlimited email and telephone support for 12 months, meaning you have longer to ask us as many questions as you need.

Enhanced credit control

We can show you how to use your new system to get paid faster and keep on top of customer receivables and cash. You may be able to use other cloud-based tools that integrate with QuickBooks Online to get paid by direct debit for little cost and little effort, or to help you always be ready to get paid with credit or debit cards - no matter where you are.

Quarterly reconciliations

It's inevitable that however good the initial training is you will make mistakes. And at the end of a year the cumulative impact of mistakes makes preparing your books for year-end tax preparation a real challenge. So, we will review the bank reconciliations once a quarter to make sure you stay on track with everything?

Key management information at your fingertips

This is the real power of cloud accounting; having the right information at your fingertips. So, as part of a premium service we will set up some key management reports to help you stay in touch with the financial health of your business.

Popular add-ons

Here are some of the most popular things business owners ask for in addition to running QuickBooks set up and training:

Doing your books for you

Every business owner hates bookkeeping and paperwork. Unfortunately, it has to be done. And it has to be done in a prescribed format... otherwise the IRS will be on your back. And when done accurately it provides critical financial information, key performance indicators and aids decision making.

And because everyone hates bookkeeping - you'd much rather be out there making money from your business - most people end up doing it in the evening or at weekends. Yet, shouldn't evenings and weekends be spent out doing the things you actually want to do.

So why not let us take away all that hassle so you can spend your time with the people you love, doing the things you love?

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Keeping On Top of - And Understanding - Your Numbers

Management reports, forecasting and budgeting help you plan and will give you an early-warning signal if you are likely to face cash shortages. Our advisory and management reporting service is broken down into three packages so you can choose the one that works best for you. This service will give you a continually up-to-date complete picture of what your business might look like in the future. In fact, this is such a powerful business planning tool banks very often insist on it as part of raising finance.

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